The British Library Puts 1,000,000 Images

Earlier this week, Oxford’s Bodleian Library announced that it had digitized a 550 year old copy of the Gutenberg Bible along with a number of other ancient bibles, some of them quite beautiful. Not to be outdone, the British Library came out with its own announcement on Thursday:

James Billington Announces Retirement

Illustration: www.citaliste.com

First, a fast fact or two about the Librarian of Congress position and a look at next steps in appointing and confirming LC’s new leader. This page from LC with brief bios of the thirteen men who have served as the Librarian of Congress shows that only two, Herbert Putnam who held from position from 1899-1939 and Lawrence Quincy Mumford (1954-1974) had actual library experience and/or a library science degree before taking the position.

Roly Keating becomes President of CENL

Illustration: www.citaliste.com

British Library Chief Executive, Roly Keating, has been elected President of the Conference of European National Libraries (CENL) at their recent meeting in Switzerland for a period of three years.

Serbia launches new heritage aggregator for Europeana

Belgrade. Image: Hallwylska museet​, Public Domain.

An aggregator for Serbian cultural heritage has been launched in Belgrade. Until now, cultural heritage from Serbia has come into Europeana through aggregators like The European Library, and projects like Europeana Collections 1914-1918 and Europeana Awareness. The new aggregator will enable more of the country’s fascinating heritage to be published through Europeana.

The winners of the InfoShare awards for 2015

Illustration: www.citaliste.com

On behalf of all our fellow officers of the Special Interest Group for International Information Issues (SIG-III) of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), we are pleased to announce the winners of the InfoShare awards for 2015.

Four libraries win EIFL Public Library Innovation Award

Photo: www.eifl.net

EIFL names four winners of the seventh EIFL Public Library Innovation Award for public libraries contributing to education.

What does Demographic Change Mean for Libraries?

Photo: Heike Zappe / Stabsstelle Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Anika Wilde and Marten Grunwald, students of the Berlin School of Library and Information Science (IBI) at Humboldt University are planning to give a presentation at the BOBCATSSS conference in Brno, Czech Republic in January 2015. They need a help.

Serbia library enters EIFL-PLIP project in Code Week

Students at high school EGS ‘Nikola Tesla’ select the parts to make robots during
European Code Week 2014. Students at high school EGS ‘Nikola Tesla’ select the
parts to make robots during European Code Week 2014.

Public Library ‘Dušan Matić’ Ćuprija in Serbia joined over 3,000 organizations from 38 countries hosting events for European Code Week 2014.

EIFL Public Library Innovation Award 7

Innovative public libraries contributing to education
CALL OPEN: 12 August 2014 to 11 October 2014
Are you offering an innovative service that uses information and communication technology (ICT) to contribute to adult and children’s education? Tell us your story and enter a competition to win US$1,500!

Jagodina Library at IFLA Conference 2014

Photo: Goran Trailović

The Jagodina Library was represented at IFLA World Library and Information Congress by Suzana Tanasijević. On 19 August in the room: Auditorium Lumière of the Lyon Convention Centre, she had a remarkable presentation of her paper Public Library - the important link between rural libraries.

Public Libraries Still Matter in the Age of Amazon

Image Source: Greig Roselli

News flash: libraries have been offering e-books for free long before Amazon started doling out an e-book subscription service. With Amazon’s recent Kindle Unlimited service, readers can access thousands of books for free. The catch? It’s ten dollars a month. But libraries have been offering a similar service for free to patrons for years. Why not more press on libraries? To answer some questions about libraries, free books, and bridging the digital divide, I teamed up with New York University Reference Librarian Ray Pun to discuss how libraries are helping to mind the digital gap. The result is this commentary.

Five librarians selected as 2015 IFLA/OCLC Fellows

Photo: www.gkr.hr / Stanislava Gardašević, NBS

DUBLIN, Ohio, 19 August 2014—OCLC, along with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), has named five librarians selected to participate in the Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Program for 2015. The program supports library and information science professionals from countries with developing economies.

Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development

Photo: Jonathan Galmiche / www.flickr.com

Declaration launched at the World Library and Information Congress in Lyon, France signed by more than 125 organisations aims to positively influence the United Nations post-2015 development agenda.

Microsoft's Kinect technology powers university library

Microsoft has made Kinect a big part of its latest gaming console, Xbox One, though customers can now buy the box without that technology tied to it. However, the device can be used for more than just gaming and entertainment.

A joint creative workshop about digital photography

Some of the participants: Bruno Vandermeulen (KU Leuven), Frederik Temmermans (iMinds), Roxanne Wyns (LIBIS – KU Leuven), Frank Golomb (United Archives)

Europeana Space and Europeana Photography projects share common objectives related to the re-use of photographic cultural heritage in digital format.

Building a new generation of technology experts

Illustration: www.citaliste.com / Public Library “Dušan Matić” Ćuprija, Serbia

The library’s Biblioteka++ project, initiated with support from EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP), teaches children and youth aged from 10 to 24 basic and advanced computer coding skills, enabling them to develop useful problem solving software and web applications.

Severe Flood Closed Five Libraries in ex-Yugoslavia

Many cities in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia have suffered major damage in heavy floods these days. When it comes to libraries, book funds and equipment were destroyed in Doboj, Čelinac and Šamac (Republic of Srpska, BIH), Maglaj (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BIH) and Obrenovac (Serbia).

Floods in Serbia and Bosnia

Map: balkans.aljazeera.net

More than 25,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Serbia and Bosnia in the worst floods to hit the Balkans in more than a century. At least 37 people have drowned or been killed in landslides.

Discussions by the World Intellectual Property Organisation

Photo: www.ifla.org

Discussions by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Standing Committee on Copyright & Related Rights (SCCR) broke down in the early hours of Saturday morning 3 May, after the European Union (EU) attempted to block future discussion of copyright laws to aid libraries and archives fulfill their missions in the digital environment.

Librarian Tattoo Calendar Challenges Stereotypes

Photo: www.rilibraries.org

The Rhode Island Library Association (RILA) is challenging people to check their preconceived library notions at the door.

Internet Librarian in Monterey Bay

Internet Librarian begins on 10/27, will you be in Monterey Bay with us? We are 15 days away from the start of pre-conference workshops for Internet Librarian and we have so much planned for October 27-30th! Here's what your conference experience could look like.

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